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Sourdough Bread

Farmhouse White Sourdough

Farmhouse White Sourdough

This one is our medium sized loaf, around 1.5 lb. It's your classic sourdough bread made with white wheat flour.

With a crisp crust and good chew to the interior it makes perfect bread for toast, sandwiches, croutons, grilled cheese as well as french toast or paninis.

Sourdough is known to be much easier to digest than other breads, as the gluten is partially ‘digested’ during the fermentation process.

Best eaten within five days of purchase or else well wrapped and frozen. You can thaw your bread by reheating in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes for a half-loaf and 45 minutes for a whole loaf. You can also try to leave it to thaw overnight at room temperature, or warm it up in a microwave (yes - you will be surprised at the result!)

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Customer Reviews

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anna & olivia latimer
Sourdough in a storm

We received a beautiful loaf of white sourdough during the ice storm ice breakup. It is delicious and we are definitely going to check out other baked goods items from the bakery.

Thank you, Olivia! Very happy to hear you liked our bread.


Bread arrived still warm and it was delicious!

So happy to hear you liked our bread. Thank you for your support!

Vanessa Bogaert

So delicious and fresh! You can taste the pureness of the ingredients.

Thank you so much! Ingredients matter most to us, so happy you liked the bread!